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Importance of Colors In Magick

Colors vibrate all around us every minute of our lives, each color has it's own unique vibration, therapeutical, and magickal effect. At the base of everything is light, (the interaction of energy and magnetism) colors are the different wavelengths that make up light. Some Scholars believe that the seven colors of the light spectrum which are red, orange, yellow, blue, green indigo, and violet. Everything on Earth emanates energy, the energy emanated from Humans is called the Aura. The Aura are electricalemanationsfrom the body which manifests as colors, it has also be determined that the thoughts emit that is measurable in colors, plus the brain emits infa-red, and ultra-violet wavelengths. Using colors in Magickal working gives your spell extra power in such a big way. You want to make sure you understand the power behind the different colors and what the colors of the objects you are using, like your candles, paper, inks, clothing etc. .Make sure you understand your colors so you use the proper ones for different spells and rituals, listed below are some basic meanings of the colors to help you learn the color meanings and how they enpower your work.

White- Cleansing, Protection, spiritual Matters, Inspiration, Divinity Matters, White is not considered a true color, it has all seven colors of the spectrum in it. It can be used in place of any color, like if you don't have any blue candles for a healing spell you can use a white one in place of the blue one.

Purple- Power, Success, Commitment, Protection, Psychic Matters, Binding, Banishing, Intuition, Inspirational Matters

Red Lust, passion, love, Friendship, Courage, Willpower, Vigour, Endurance, Ambition, Marriage

Blue- Healing, Happiness, Guidance, Truth, and Relgious matters

Green- Money, Finance, Prosperity, Fertility, Emploment, Good Luck, Beauty

Yellow- Concentration, Action, Wisdom, Intellect, and Learning

Orange- Legal Matters, Confidence, Pride, Empathy, Self Esteem,

Pink- Love, Friendship, Leisure, Gentleness, Reconciliation, Calmness, Peace, Joy,

Black- Accessing the subconscious, Banishing, Binding, Legal Matters, Invoking the Dark Moon Goddess, Darker Magick, Selfish Magick, and Curses, Negative Magick, black Is not a actual color, black has no color in it.

Silver- Color of the Goddess and Moon, Visions, Intuition, Protection, Healing, Developing and Using Psychic energy,

Gold- Color of the God and Sun, Working on Life Forces and Longevity of things,